Our services in Austria

Our services in Austria

We support the processes of our customers with innovative solutions, great dedication and the kind of expertise that only a company with over 50 years of experience, primarily in the automotive sector, can offer. The unique combination of customized services and highly qualified teams makes us the preferred partner to the manufacturing industry. Here we present our services in Austria.

Our range of services in Austria includes the following areas:

  • Install


  • Maintain


  • Betreiberfunktion


  • Engineer


Technical Cleaning

  • Equipment cleaning
  • Paint shop cleaning
  • Control cabinet cleaning
  • Special project cleaning
  • Paint stripping of skids and fixtures
  • Deep cleaning


  • Plant and equipment dis- and reassembly
  • Relocation
  • Mechanical installation
  • Conveyor modification
  • Modification and expansion of assembly lines
  • Electrical installation

Maintenance and repairs

  • Production facilities
  • Machines and operating equipment
  • Screw-driving technology
  • Conveying technology
  • Industrial robots


  • Hydraulic and pneumatic clamping fixtures
  • Welded structures
  • Lifting gear & slings

Technial Facility Management

  • Facilities maintenance (maintenance, inspection, repair)
  • Technical facilities management
  • Building automation
  • Warranty management
  • Energy management
  • Janitorial services
  • Projects and modification
  • Water and waste water treatment
Technsiches Facility Management

3D machining

  • Prototype fabrication from solid billets
  • Freeform surfaces
  • Die-cast housing machining

Jig construction

  • Hydraulic and pneumatic clamping fixtures
  • Welded structures
  • Lifting gear & slings

Tool management

  • Sharpening tools
    eg. round and flat broaches, shaving cutters, hob cutters

Contract manufacturing

  • Various components as per drawings
  • Rework and repairs

Pre-assembly of components

  • Wheel mounting
  • Assembling components

Operator function

  • Responsible for production-related processes

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