Leadec Spotlights

Integration projects at Leadec in Brazil

Last year Leadec Brazil assumed an important mission, to discard old uniforms in a sustainable way. That was when the idea of reuse came out by transforming them into community blankets.

Leadec Brazil

It was a huge joy when the piles of uniforms arrived. The team realized that this was the ideal moment to engage our people to think beyond their daily lives and to motivate each person to look at the others and the environment.

That was the start of the "Integration Program". The best four proposed projects were recognized and the groups had the opportunity to choose institutions of their choice to donate the blankets.

“Leadequianos da Alegria”: The aim was to generate integration and coexistence of needy children. In the course of the project they organized a day of entertainment and joy, where they added knowledge to children, who are in a situation of social vulnerability.

“CriançArteira”: The group focused on the awareness of our employees about the impact of their actions on society and environment and provided assistance to children as a form of social reintegration. They collected collecting food, clothes, toys and school materials and gave them to the children as a Christmas action.

“SuperAção”: The group presented a proposal, to perform an annual action face-to-face in technical schools, in order to bring lectures, workshops and dynamics to this audience to assist them to enter the job market.

“Empresa Solidária”: In order to instigate solidarity among the Leadec employees, the team presented the proposal of donating non-perishable food to Coopercral Cooperativa, which does waste management in São Paulo.

Leadec Brazil thanks everyone who joined the program and, somehow, contributed to making someone’s day better.