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Leadec in the Czech Republic

Leadec s.r.o. in Czech Republic was established in 1999 and is a member of the international Leadec Group. Thanks to the expertise of our employees, it became a strategic partner of major automotive concerns. Our company is focused on delivering an end-to-end service in automation and electrical installation.

Strategy partner

Our experts have longstanding experience and that is the reason why we are proud to be at the top of our field.

In automation, we specialize in complete deliveries for welding shops – i.e. mechanical engineering, pneumatics, robot programming and PLC systems including visualization.

In the field of electrical installation we undertake the complete electrical installation for industrial buildings, especially transformer sub-stations, high-current busbar systems, control cabinets, lighting system deliveries and installation.

Thinking and acting beyond Covid-19

Thinking and acting beyond Covid-19

"Since the beginning of the year, the coronavirus and its spread from east to west has kept the world in suspense, and Leadec has also been affected - but we are seeing a recovery. Our customers are ramping-up, and the market is regaining a new dynamic. Leadec has made diligent efforts throughout the past months to ensure our employees were and are continuously operational through crisis and hygiene management. We have modified our range of services to the needs of the factory, and it is paying off.

Now we are ready to switch from defensive, crisis mode to the offensive. And we know that the whole Leadec team is determined to succeed. That makes us proud! We are not waiting for the old times to return but are preparing ourselves for the new reality. In so doing , we remain constantly vigilant, drawing new ideas and solutions from our previous experience and pursuing sustainable approaches together with our customers."

Leadec Board of Management