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Why Leadec

Leadec is the leading employer for movers and shakers who recognize when they are needed and are proud that the services they provide make their customers' processes run smoothly.

We do at Leadec.

Leadec is...

one of the leading providers of technical services for the automotive and manufacturing industry. For more than 50 years, companies have relied on our services. Today, we work as a global network in all regions of the world.

Leadec is seeking...

to employ people who are well qualified and want to shape the future with us. People who are flexible and open to new things; who have an entrepreneurial mindset and who think and act with a sense of responsibility.

Experts who recognize opportunities and will ensure that our customers have the leading edge. Passionate team players who combine their technical expertise with the desire and capability to work with others to achieve exceptional things.

Leadec offers...

As an employee of Leadec you will get the opportunity to work for demanding industries, like the automotive industry and to help major companies to make their production safer, better and more efficient.

Your job at Leadec will be varied and multifaceted. Every project presents new challenges – and if you are good at your job and love what you do, you then will constantly find yourself undertaking new tasks for clients that demand the highest standards.

The keys to success are the commitment and expertise of our workforce. We value and encourage training, independent decision-making and teamwork as the only way to constantly devise new solutions to meet the needs of our customers.

Thanks to the varied nature of the job, Leadec employees can take the opportunity to grow and learn. You can also put your skills to the test in other regions or countries and get to know different cultures as part of an international team.

Employees in a meeting

Join with us to master new challenges. There are interesting and exciting jobs to be done.

Make the most of your potential at Leadec.
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