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Electrical Installation / Control Cabinet Construction

Many kilometers of cable are necessary for all the functions of automobile production. And we make sure that it does its job. With our extensive electrical installation services we undertake the electrical cabling of your plants and work cells and look after the electric lighting in your building. Leadec specialists are not just focused on the correct engineering of your electrical installations. Our key priorities are the safety of your personnel and the reliability and thus the efficiency of your systems.

Thanks to longstanding experience in this area, we offer comprehensive expertise in control cabinet construction.

Our areas of expertise in electrical installation

  • Electrical installations for project and service businesses in the automotive industry
  • Fire alarm technology
  • Safety lighting
  • Radio installations
  • Switchgear fabrication
  • Lightning protection and grounding
  • Installation of measurement and control technology

Our areas of expertise in switchgear fabrication

  • Construction of switch, drive and control cabinets for controlling large-scale facilities for fabrication or manufacture of a product on site
  • Construction of cabinet units like medium and low voltage power and building distributors with switchgear units or data network technology as the basic supply for commercial buildings and industrial halls for building services installations
  • Construction of central operating consoles and controls for mechanical engineering

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