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    What will ensure the best conditions at your site? Our Facility Services

Electrical installations

Facility Services

With our Facility Services we create an ideal working environment for you. We consistently focus on high quality, safety and sustainability. Our qualified teams maintain, inspect and operate your facilities and buildings on the basis of specified standards. Because expertly provided Facility Services can preserve the value of a building and the building services in it over the long term. This allows you to focus on your core business while enjoying the benefits of lower costs.

Infrastructural Facility Services

Our services focus on providing sustained support for your production process. Leadec takes over jobs that help preserve the value and appeal of buildings.

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Technical Facility Services

We create a perfect working environment. The highly skilled personnel of Leadec service, inspect and operate facilities and buildings on the basis of defined standards.

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Mechanical Fabrication / Structural Steelwork

Rely on our competence and experience.

Electrical Installation / Control Cabinet Construction

With extensive electrical installation services Leadec undertakes the electrical cabling of plants and work cells and looks after the lighting in buildings.

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