A project on human-machine interaction

Maintenance with Mixed Reality

Instandhaltung mit Mixed Reality

Benefits for the maintenance technicians of the future:

  • Technical support via live video
  • Reduced travel costs
  • Data overlay in the technician‘s field of vision
  • Maximum scope for action
  • Transfer of data in real time
  • Mobile, wherever and whenever required
  • Improved transparency and efficiency

Smart solutions for maintenance

In this era of digitalization, developments in data visualization are increasingly gaining momentum.

We are passionate about trying out new technologies in collaboration with our customers and partners and putting promising solutions into practice. In this conjunction, we also work hand in hand with universities and research establishments on innovative projects. The project “Maintenance Assistance Application (MA²)” with the Hochschule der Medien Stuttgart, for example, was initiated to generate practical applications for the use of mixed reality in maintenance.

Mixed reality makes maintenance more efficient and practical

In the field of maintenance in particular, the use of data glasses (smart glasses) is becoming increasingly important. Smart glasses to assist with certain maintenance activities are not only technically feasible but already possible today.

The overlapping of virtual components and real-life reenvironment allows a wide range of uses in the manufacturing sphere. Thanks to flexible information acquisition and management, the work performed becomes more accurate, efficient, interactive and simple.

Our objective is to use this technology in industrial maintenance, inspection and repairs to ensure the maximum possible quality and efficiency of the service provided by our specialist personnel.

Benefits at a glance

Benefits at a glance

  • Access to the technical expertise of our worldwide network of experts in specific trouble-shooting scenarios on site
  • Specific identification of components in the field of view of the technician via live video
  • Reduction of travel costs and the amount of work necessary to rectify the problem
  • Combination of bi-directional communication options and maximum scope for action thanks to hands-free working
  • Data overlay in the field of vision of the technician‘s smart glasses on site
  • Blend of physical and digital information for more efficient execution of technical tasks - mobile
    and wherever and whenever needed
  • Greater transparency by linking the smart glasses to the CAFM system for data synchronization

Poduct sheet Maintenance with Mixed Reality

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