Employees at Leadec talk about their work

Our services. And the people behind them.

At Leadec, we bring together a unique combination of customized services and highly qualified personnel. And that’s what makes us the preferred partner to the manufacturing industry. We provide companies with professional services and help our customers optimize all their technical processes.

Through our services and integrated solutions for industry we are setting new benchmarks on a daily basis. In this portrait gallery, our employees lend a human face to our Services.

Who are we and what do we do for our customers on a day-to-day basis? See for yourself:

Perfect precision – because accuracy knows no compromises. I am Leadec.

Christoph Simon
Christoph Simon, Machinist, Leadec Chemnitz

The ultimate in precision, right down to the single-digit micrometer range. From large motor housings to the tiniest of components, I use various tools and CNC milling technology to produce metal components to highly specific, individual requirements and preferences. When working with metal there can be no compromising on accuracy. That means that every job calls for maximum precision. So that after the project is over you too can say: It’s a perfect fit!

Organization and mobility in a nutshell. I am Leadec.

Bianca Müller describes her Job at Leadec
Bianca Müller, Forklift Operator, Leadec Mamming

I cover quite a distance in my job every day. And I know every square meter of the productions halls and factory premises like the back of my hand. Because it’s my job to make sure that in the production hall, everything goes exactly where it belongs, and everything is the way it should be for order picking. Because your distribution and logistics processes will only run perfectly if everything, down to the smallest component, has been put in the right place safely and correctly. And I am happy to go the extra mile to get the job done.

I don’t like downtime. I am Leadec.

Sebastian Bohn describes his Job at Leadec
Sebastian Bohn, Mechatronics Technician, Maintenance Team, Leadec Kölleda

My mission is to respond to malfunctions immediately and fix them. I am responsible for making sure that our customers’ production processes run smoothly with no shutdowns. Time is money, and nowhere is this truer than in your production halls. So for me and my co-workers, the targeted response time of less than two minutes in the event of malfunctions is also an incentive to give our best, day by day, to protect your production facilities from downtimes.

Working on your behalf 24/7. I am Leadec.

Amelia Monteiro de Castro describes her Job at Leadec
Amelia Monteiro de Castro, Facility Manager & Facility Cleaning Supervisor, Leadec Sindelfingen

I clear the way for customers and lighten the load for them. Literally. Because my 15 teams and I are on call 24/7, making sure, for example, that 4,000 waste bins are emptied every day. Or that in the event of snow, ice and other hindrances the roads, car parks and marshalling areas on our customers’ premises can always be used safely.

Making sure that your building services technology is up to the job today, tomorrow and the day after tomorrow. I am Leadec.

Christoph Sander describes his Job at Leadec
Christoph Sander, Trainee Electronics Technician, Energy and Building Services Technology, Leadec Ingolstadt

My job is varied and involves planning, installation, control and regulation and repairs. But it has one distinct aim – to plan, realize and guarantee the power supply to your building. So I produce wiring diagrams and implement them on site. I pull cables, wire them correctly, test and commission them. So that there’s not only a good work climate but the ventilation runs properly as well. And so that your data networks, power connections, phone and alarm systems are always maintained and your door control systems work smoothly, allowing your employees to work both efficiently and cost-effectively.

“Malfunction” and “downtime” are two terms you simply won’t hear when it comes to the conveying technology at your production facilities. I am Leadec.

Richard Lenk describes his Job at Leadec
Richard Lenk, Field Service Technician, Leadec Chemnitz

When all else fails, I’m still on top form. If your machines go on strike and your production is at risk, no hour is too early and no distance too great for me as a field service technician to get on site to determine the cause of the problem. At Leadec, our policy is: identify the problem and find a solution to it quickly. Because time is money. In my job, it’s essential to be flexible and always have plan B up your sleeve. Visiting new production halls, mastering new challenges and satisfying our customers day by day: that’s Leadec.