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Machine Relocations

For any company, relocating a machine is a complex challenge given the time constraints involved and the requirements imposed on the team doing the job. So the less time it takes the more successful it is. To expertly carry out the assigned tasks, ranging from disassembly through reassembly and recommissioning of the machines, Leadec specialists can be relied upon to deliver logistical masterstrokes as quickly as the customer needs them. 

In this context we undertake the detailed planning and ensure efficient use of resources. Using an integrated reporting and management structure, our experts provide you with high-quality service from a single source.

Our areas of responsibility:

  • Tender preparation
    • Documentation and evaluation of specification
    • Development of relocation concept / initial planning
    • Compilation of risk analysis, calculation and offer
  • Planning/Concept
    • Detailed planning and coordination of all participants
    • Recording and documentation of machine condition
    • Measuring performance parameters
  • Disassembly
    • Systematic labeling/marking of equipment
    • Backup of machine software
    • Professional disassembly
    • Transport
  • Installation
    • Professional reassembly
    • Coordination and supervision of changes (layout & technology)
    • Ensuring quality through checks and other measures
  • Start-up
    • Conducting start-up and individual tests
    • Restoring original performance parameters
    • Recalibration in the event of changes
  • Testing / production
    • Acceptance inspection with manufacturer and customer
    • Support with test production run and ensuring start-up
    • Handover to production/maintenance

Our areas of expertise

  • Disassembly and reassembly of machines and equipment
  • Dismantling of dividing walls
  • Scrapping work
  • Disassembly of piping
  • Plant relocation (domestic and international)
  • Adaptation and installation of conveying systems
  • Transport of machines and equipment
  • Metalwork operations

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