LogiCATS - the logistics control and tracking system

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LogiCATS (logistics control)

LogiCATS controls the demand-driven supply of materials for production and outperforms conventional call-off processes (e.g. Kanban). Because the production schedule is continuously compared with the actual work progress, the material requirements can be calculated precisely in advance and delivered to the production line in good time. The actual work-in-progress is audit-compliant and details are available at all times without the need for additional data acquisition. The control system integrated into the production process is therefore the ideal complement to existing ERP solutions.


  • Planning of material provision
  • Automated ordering process and receipt issue
  • Management of residual quantities (in the case of batch production)
  • Permanent inventory
  • Days in inventory calculation
  • Bottleneck identification
  • Warehouse management


Contact person

Nico Kümmling
System Development Production
Tel.: +49 371 50348-315
Fax: +49 371 50348-416

Added value

  • Minimal just-in-time work in progress with high process reliability
  • Reduction of necessary logistics areas
  • Higher liquidity due to lower capital tie-up for less material
  • Highly accurate inventory management during production – no inventory effort involved
  • No manual ordering work
  • Guaranteed production through verified material availability
  • Uniform capacity utilization of logistics resources due to automated continuous ordering process
  • Option of zero inventory for rarely needed parts
  • No manual data input for material orders
  • No incorrect orders due to the wrong inputs