- Production Control

What ensures efficient production? Intelligent control

Production Control

Smooth control and the integration of all production resources are crucial for the efficiency of your shop floor. Take advantage of our longstanding experience in implementing common MES software. We are happy to advise you on choosing the products that are right for you. If the best solution for our customers does not yet exist we develop it – with our production control software jitCATS and specifically programmed software products for the control of production, logistics and material.

The result is that you achieve e.g. significant time and cost savings when reconfiguring production lines with a large variety of models.

Through our expertise we also provide you with support in collecting and evaluating your machine data, developing applications for your measuring and test rigs and with the introduction and integration of IT systems into your production facilities.

Production control systems

  • Integration of a continuous connection from the ERP system to machine control system including data logging
  • Integration of quality and measured data acquisition
  • Real-time logging and processing of signals and connection to superordinate MES systems (e.g. checking and documenting screw-driving data)
  • Integration of the master, order and inventory data transfer for the purpose of product traceability
  • Control of sequencing and shipping processes for inventory-optimized JIT/JIS connection

Operating data acquisition, evaluation and reporting

  • Acquisition of machine conditions in discrete manufacturing environments
  • Integration of various systems to produce a complete solution

Software for testing and measuring systems

  • Development of applications for measuring and test rigs based on National Instruments hardware products and LabVIEW
  • Simulation system for hardware in the loop (HiL) investigations in vehicle controls and automation systems

IT-Consulting and Support

  • Development of IT architectures for production environments
  • Interface programming to connect to ERP systems and data communication (e.g. EDI)
  • Adapting machine controls for integration into production networks
  • Integration of graphics-based visualization as human-machine interface and on-demand reporting

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