Plant Restart Support Services

Plant Restart Support Services

The Covid-19 pandemic has led to a near total shutdown of manufacturing plants all over the world. Restarting production will be the defining challenge for most plant managers and their site teams – they will have to provide a safe and clean environment for their workforce to return and restart to.

Leadec offers Plant Restart Support Services (PRSS) to support the restart of your production post the Covid-19 lockdown.

PRSS-1: Hygienic and disinfection services

The goal is to establish a visual sanitary baseline before the plant opens. Your plant should be 100% disinfected prior to anyone returning to work.

  • Scope adjustment of janitorial cleaning services
  • Anti-biocidal fogging and misting e.g. in meeting rooms, employee shuttle services etc.
  • Hand disinfection dispenser services
  • Special cleaning of hygienic sensible surfaces
  • Onsite kits for do-it-yourself disinfection by employees

PRSS-2: Physical distancing support services

Physical distancing is a simple yet very effective mechanism to prevent potential infection. We aim to establish a workspace baseline for physical distancing which includes staying 1 to 2 meters (3 to 6 feet) away from others as a normal practice at work.

  • Planning and re-design of social areas e.g. reception area, canteens, wash rooms etc.
  • Management of person-to-person contact barriers
  • Re-engineering of assembly line workplaces

PRSS-3: Internal supply chain supporting a plant

The preparation of internal supply chain of production part is key for a successful restart. Leadec checks the current inventory and identifies critical shortfalls that might stop the line.

  • Inventory control of critical production parts
  • Isolation of incoming production parts in accordance with WHO / local recommendations

PRSS-4: Digital services for line restart

Leadec's digital services support you in restarting your production and beyond.

  • Remote support
  • Digital recording of facilities
  • Roof inspection by drones
  • Use of small robots in facility management
  • 3D-print of missing spare parts
  • Condition monitoring and predictive maintenance by IoT sensor technology


Always near you. Right where you need us: Explore our Plant Restart Support Services directly on-site.

Emplyoee at Leadec

Covid 19 is having a massive impact on the global economy. Manufacturers can help ensure the safety of thier staff and maintain production with a thouhtful, strategic approach.


Learn more in the article "A Playbook for Manuracturers Fighting Covid-19" at / Sept. 2020

A Playbook for Manufacturers Fighting Covid-19

Successful premiere: first customer online seminar at Leadec

More than 100 international participants, three Leadec speakers, one topic: “What will production look like in the emerging post-COVID world?” On May 28, Leadec’s first customer online seminar focusing on India took place. 

Many customer plants serviced by Leadec worldwide were in lockdown mode. Many of them have already resumed production or are in the final stages of preparation for restarting. And Leadec is always involved in this, not least because of the new restart services. Reason enough to shed light on challenges, issues and processes and to pass this knowledge on to existing and potential customers and interested parties in the form of an online seminar.

Lee Price
YouTube Video: Transport industry UK, Lee Price
Sudhir Gurtoo
YouTube Video: Areas in a plant, Sudhir Gurtoo

Post-COVID from three perspectives

40 minutes of Leadec input through global glasses with Lee Price, Commercial Director UK, Sudhir Gurtoo, CEO in India, and Dr. Christoph Jaschinski, Senior Vice President Business Development from Germany. Lee Price, among other things, provided valuable insights into the transport sector Sudhir Gurtoo looked at technical pre-checks prior to restart and Christoph Jaschinski explained the “new normal” in production.

Dr. Christoph Jaschinski
YouTube Video: Key development stages after restart, Dr. Christoph Jaschinski


The external participants from India, Germany, Mexico, USA, UK, Brazil and Poland could convince themselves of the Leadec competence in this topic. The subsequent open question and answer session offered time and space for an interesting and very lively exchange with the customers from all over the world. 

Click on the photos of our three experts to watch short video clips which give you an insight into the topics covered in our online seminar.

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