Plant Restart Support Services

Plant Restart Support Services

The Covid-19 pandemic has led to a near total shutdown of manufacturing plants all over the world. Restarting production will be the defining challenge for most plant managers and their site teams – they will have to provide a safe and clean environment for their workforce to return and restart to.

Leadec offers Plant Restart Support Services (PRSS) to support the restart of your production post the Covid-19 lockdown.

PRSS-1: Hygienic and disinfection services

The goal is to establish a visual sanitary baseline before the plant opens. Your plant should be 100% disinfected prior to anyone returning to work.

  • Scope adjustment of janitorial cleaning services
  • Anti-biocidal fogging and misting e.g. in meeting rooms, employee shuttle services etc.
  • Hand disinfection dispenser services
  • Special cleaning of hygienic sensible surfaces
  • Onsite kits for do-it-yourself disinfection by employees

PRSS-2: Physical distancing support services

Physical distancing is a simple yet very effective mechanism to prevent potential infection. We aim to establish a workspace baseline for physical distancing which includes staying 1 to 2 meters (3 to 6 feet) away from others as a normal practice at work.

  • Planning and re-design of social areas e.g. reception area, canteens, wash rooms etc.
  • Management of person-to-person contact barriers
  • Re-engineering of assembly line workplaces

PRSS-3: Internal supply chain supporting a plant

The preparation of internal supply chain of production part is key for a successful restart. Leadec checks the current inventory and identifies critical shortfalls that might stop the line.

  • Inventory control of critical production parts
  • Isolation of incoming production parts in accordance with WHO / local recommendations

PRSS-4: Digital services for line restart

Leadec's digital services support you in restarting your production and beyond.

  • Remote support
  • Digital recording of facilities
  • Roof inspection by drones
  • Use of small robots in facility management
  • 3D-print of missing spare parts
  • Condition monitoring and predictive maintenance by IoT sensor technology


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