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welD.One - welding data monitoring

The continuous inline monitoring of welds not only offers a continuous, non-destructive form of quality assurance but also allows for improvements in product quality. In addition, proactive scheduling of maintenance processes is possible. This allows downtimes to be kept to a minimum and the costs for storage of operating materials and spare parts are substantially reduced.


  • Connection of digitally controlled welding power sources (e.g. FRONIUS)
  • Processing and evaluation of welding parameters in respect of tolerance ranges in real time
  • Analysis of various conditions and process flows, e.g. completeness check, peak monitoring, specific welding errors etc.
  • Network-based configuration of monitoring from desktops
  • Direct connection and integration into plant control system
  • Integrated user and role management
  • Storage of captured welding parameters and calculated quality values
  • Allocation of captured welding parameters and calculated quality data to parts and serial numbers
  • Integrated diagnostic functions
  • Visualization of part quality
  • Process feedback if quality problems are detected
  • Publication of current quality data in company network
  • Documentation of alarms and user actions

Areas of application

  • Monitoring of robot-assisted welding systems
  • Monitoring of manual welding stations
  • MIG/MAG/TIG/CMT welding processes
  • Documentation of welding process
  • Ensuring product quality
  • Non-destructive quality assurance


Contact Person

Andreas Rzezacz
Head of LabVIEW Test & Measurement Systems
Tel.: +49 371 65111-267
Fax: +49 371 65111-416
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