What makes your production smarter? Outstanding planning.

We provide you with tailor-made solutions, all necessary tools and an experienced team for your more efficient assembly or manufacture structure.

Production Planning and Optimization

Our Engineering teams go with you all the way – from process engineering and layout design through detail engineering of production lines and systems and factory simulation to commissioning and start-up support. Our project management reduces your workload effectively and keeps processes, costs and deadlines under control.

Our services include the optimization of your processes with MTM, lean or CIP methods as well as quality management and appropriate logistics planning. This is how we work with you to create the conditions for more productivity, process reliability and flexibility.

Manufacturers and suppliers worldwide make use of our specific expertise and longstanding experience for large-scale production with a large variety of models and just-in-time and/or just-in-sequence requirements. Many mid-sized companies with very small production facilities and batch sizes also benefit from our expertise.

Assembly planning

We will plan your assembly line. During this phase, we will remain in constant contact with you and you will always have access to an up-to-date 3D visualization of your assembly planning.

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Logistics planning

Smooth production relies on material flow that is optimally planned – our experts will plan and optimize your logistics processes. We will identify the resources you need. Efficiency is the key factor for all areas – shelves, inventories, work areas or personnel. 

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Material flow simulation

We will optimize your material flow to make your production more efficient. Our experts will not only assist you in saving a tremendous amount of costs but will also help you in identifying and removing errors early to create the optimal conditions for starting production.

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Layout planning

Are you planning a new system in an existing or new hall? We will support you in planning the layout according to your requirements. This includes a review of your documents, clarification how the system will be moved to the hall and a suggested layout.

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Factory visualization and CAD

We will create 3D CAD plans including conveyors, machinery, robots, control cabinets and many other features for all systems in the production area.

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Design of operating resources and equipment

We develop and design the appropriate fixtures/jigs, tools and gages for your welding or assembly processes. From design to fabrication and start-up, our design engineers make a decisive contribution to ensuring the effectiveness of your facilities.

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Planning of supply and disposal facilities

Aside from planning and controlling production systems, the professional supply and disposal of materials such as cooling agents and lubricants must also be ensured. We provide advice in all things related to filtration of cooling lubricants, chip transport as well as chip drying and loading.

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Quality management

  • Formulation of quality planning, testing planning, FMEA, quality control loops
  • Fault analyses in production, assembly, body shop and paint shop
  • Data evaluation and resulting identification of process improvement

Production optimization

  • Introduction of production systems
  • Optimization of production with lean methods
  • MTM analyses and balancing of assembly lines

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