Montage planen & optimieren

Assembly Planning

We will plan your assembly line. With the help of the appropriate software, we will visualize and remove bottlenecks, space problems in material supply, unnecessary worker routes and excessive workloads already in the planning phase. During this phase, we will remain in constant contact with you and you will always have access to an up-to-date 3D visualization of your assembly planning.

Which steps do we use to plan your assembly line?

Depending on the phase, we will base our plans on your initial ideas or existing assembly processes, layouts and framework conditions.

  • Migrating data

    Migrating data

  • Visualizing and simulating

    Visualizing and simulating

  • Optimizing and documenting

    Optimizing and documenting

Our expert tools allow us to plan your assembly line efficiently, transparently and intuitively.

We visualize your data in 3D, which allows us to identify bottlenecks and potentials for optimization at an early stage. Workers’ assembly processes on the production line, material staging, products, resources, shelves and load carriers can be seen on the spot and can be optimized with a mouse click.

Thanks to the experience and technical know-how of Leadec’s assembly planners you will get a safe and efficient solution.