Logistics planning

Smooth production relies on material flow that is optimally planned – our experts will plan and optimize your logistics processes.

We will identify the resources you need. Efficiency is the key factor for all areas – shelves, inventories, work areas or personnel. 

Scope of services

  • Efficient resource planning: transportation tools, shelves, inventories, work areas, personnel and more

  • Defining warehouse, transportation and incoming delivery strategies

  • Implementing retrieval strategies: Kanban, JIS, JIT

  • Planning & simulation of automated guided vehicle systems

  • Examining and evaluating planning scenarios

  • Requirements and functional specifications for procurement of resources

  • Detailed layouts from rough planning to start of operations for material supply

  • Optimizing inventories and minimizing overall costs

  • Optimal support of customers with respect to: quantity, quality, time, location, transportation methods and strategy

Your added value

Optimized logistics planning brings many benefits. Running simulations prior to the start of production can save quite a bit of money. Expensive conversions due to a lack of planning will be avoided; proactive planning of the investment volume and the required resources will prevent unnecessary stress at the start of production. Production starts are guaranteed; planning will be quicker and more efficient.


  • Data gathering or migration

  • Resource identification through planning and software-based models if applicable

  • Validation of planning and model behavior if applicable

  • Review of planning alternatives and optimization of plans

  • Illustration of results as a decision-making basis