Wir simulieren Ihren Materialfluss

We will run a simulation of your material flow

We will optimize your material flow to make your production more efficient. Our experts will not only assist you in saving a tremendous amount of costs but will also help you in identifying and removing errors early to create the optimal conditions for starting production.

You will profit from the many years of experience of our planning experts who will optimize your material flow with the help of expert tools such as Plant Simulation.

Scope of services

With Leadec you will have a strong partner to support you in your simulation project. We are experts in the following areas:

  • Determination of output and throughput time of materials and products in the production systems
  • Dimensioning of buffers
  • Visual illustration of material flow
  • Review and evaluation of planning alternatives
  • Ensuring planning results
  • Graphic analyses of planning alternatives
  • Consideration of downtimes, setup and pause times
  • Route optimization for resources
  • Simulation model may be reused

Overview of your benefits:

  • Saving costs because of early simulation and planning of logistics before SOP

  • Guaranteed production start-ups

  • Quick and efficient planning of logistics

  • Evaluation of results and planning of optimal resources

  • Timely procurement of resources

  • Avoiding uncertainties and stress at start of production because of planning

  • Fact-based decisions can be made early

We will implement your requests quickly and efficiently

Wir setzen Ihre W√ľnsche schnell und effizient um!

Thanks to the experience and expertise of our planning experts, planners and management will be able to simplify and expedite fact-based decision-making processes. Lengthy planning phases are no longer needed, allowing for an earlier start of production. Logistics planning in the form of line-back planning will become an option based on assembly and production planning.


  • Discrete and result-oriented simulation with Plant Simulation

  • Use of the VDA modular library (if the customer is a VDA member)

  • Flexible Excel interface for input values such as production, down or setup times

  • Distribution curves for downtimes

  • Validation of simulation through visualization

Planning process

A planning project with our experts may proceed as follows. However, we also offer customized support that is fully focused on our customers.

1. Data gathering or migration

2. Setup of the simulation model

3. Validation of model behavior

4. Review of planning alternatives and optimization of plans

5. Illustration of results as a decision-making basis