• Employee vehicle processing

Final Vehicle Inspection and Loading

Our service specialists support the customer with all aspects of production. We put together customized service packages so that automobile manufacturers and suppliers can concentrate fully on their core business and remain competitive. This ranges from taking over individual activities to integrated production facility concepts. In addition, we also provide our customers with reliably executed services. Our specialists can load and check automobiles on your behalf. Because for Leadec, service doesn't stop when the vehicle rolls off the assembly line.

We are your strong partner for the initial steps of delivering vehicles from the factory to your customers.

Our areas of expertise

  • Loading and unloading of trains
  • Provision of car transporters
  • Delivery of the vehicles


The industrial services provider is also responsible for the following checks:

  • Acceptance inspection
  • Vehicle inspection
  • On-site warehouse management
  • Off-site warehouse management
  • Launch support

The innovative software solutions used by Leadec specialists provide electronic interfaces that enable customer-specific reporting and real-time data management. This allows the vehicles to be coordinated more quickly and efficiently, which in turn leads to cost savings and optimization of operating procedures.

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