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Leadec scoops Automobil Industrie award thanks to the glowing praise from customers

Stuttgart, 19 July 2018 – Glowing praise from its customers helped Leadec scoop the prize at the Automobil Industrie (AI) awards.

Although the grand award ceremony was held in Beijing on June 27, the decision process for the Automotive Manufacturing awards started back on March 1. 

The awards, organized by the multi-media company AI, were looking to honor automobile companies that were advanced, practical, reliable, high quality, high efficiency, cost-effective, flexible and intelligent. 

The winners were chosen with the help of user surveys, ratings, online voting, evaluations and some editorial insight. 

Preisverleihung in China

Leadec Industrial Services Shanghai landed the “AI Users Favorable Comment Award" for its work in customized industrial service solutions, thanks to the high praise it received from customers on the site. 

As a leading industrial service provider, Leadec provides customized industrial service solutions for automotive powertrains, automakers and component manufacturers and other manufacturing sites in 20 cities across the country. 

In the past few decades, Leadec has cultivated outstanding technical talents with its international business network and basic service experience to meet the needs of customized industrial services. 

Media Release Leadec Automobil Industry Award (pdf)


Dr. Marion Hebach, Head of Global Communications
Leadec Holding BV & Co. KG, Meitnerstr. 11, 70563 Stuttgart, Germany