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April 2018: Leadec China receives 2017 Golden Excellent Service Award from Volkswagen Powertrain Shanghai

Shanghai, China - Leadec China was awarded with the 2017 Golden Excellent Service Award from Volkswagen Powertrain (VWPT) Shanghai.

 Golden Excellent Service Award

It is the fourth consecutive Golden Supplier Award after receiving the Special Award in 2015 for the long-term contribution marking the 10-year milestone of the remarkable partnership between the two companies.

 Leadec China has been providing its entire full-service portfolio including production equipment maintenance, technical facility management, operation of central stations, spare parts management, documentation management, industrial installation and project management services since the plant was established in 2004. 

The passionate and professional on-site team of Leadec along with the team of VW successfully accomplished expanding the plant from phase 1 with 30,000 engines to phase 3 with an annual combined engine output of 1.6 million. “We are proud of contributing to ensuring that VWPT Shanghai is maintaining their leading edge and being extremely well-recognized for the benchmark performance within the powertrain community,” says Florian Gruss, Director Business Development at Leadec in China.

The leading position of Leadec in industrial services with manufacturing customers provides the cutting edge in combination with its global knowledge-based network to continuously improve the operations and strive for operational excellence. The combination of these factors leads to reduced downtime, lower spare parts costs, better MTBR, better MTTR, increased safety and benchmark OEE. 

Feng Shijia, Leadec Site Manager at VW PT Shanghai, says: “We are honored to receive this award which has been earned on the grounds of the passionate and dedicated contribution of every single on-site team member in day-to-day operations. We continue to be fully committed to providing added value to our customer in both the short and long term.” 

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Dr. Marion Hebach, Head of Global Communications
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