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Leadec China is an award-winning employer

Leadec China is an award-winning employer

In October Leadec received the prestigious Employer Award from HR Asia, the leading human resources publication in Asia. A total of 31 employers received the award, with Leadec being the winner in the Industrial Services category. Leadec is now officially one of the best companies to work for in China, thanks to its work environment and safety, teamwork and job satisfaction. 

Lixing Kang is training as an electronics technician for automation technology at Leadec in Chemnitz.

From China to Chemnitz for vocational training

Lixing Kang is 19 years old and he is from the Chinese city Foshan (佛山市). He is currently training as an electronics technician for automation technology at Leadec. However, he is not training at Leadec China but in Chemnitz, Germany, approximately 8,500 km away from his home city.

Leadec help students look for the data of the future

Leadec help students look for the data of the future

A robot suddenly failed in production. Could this failure have been predicted or even prevented? 20 students from the Albstadt-Sigmaringen University tried to find an answer to this question in the week-long Data Science Summer School 2018.

Leadec Chemnitz supports the Disabled Recreational Sport Association BFV Ascota

Leadec in Chemnitz shows continued support for charity

For several years Leadec in Chemnitz has been supporting local charitable institutions and activities. Two projects received a donation again this year: the SOS Children's Village Zwickau and Disabled Recreational Sport Association BFV Ascota Chemnitz. 

The Leadec Brazil team receive the certificates from TÜV

‘High Level of Excellence’ - Leadec Brazil handed new certificates by BRTÜV

BRTÜV said that Leadec Brazil could be the “benchmark in the market” as they were handed the new certificates from the technical inspection company. João Ricciarelli, CEO of Leadec Brazil, received the new certificates of quality from Robinson Jesus from TÜV Nord Group on July 19, and Mr. Jesus explained why the company thought so highly of Leadec after working together for more than 15 years.

The multi-national Leadec team at Beijing Benz Automotive in Beijing

Meet Leadec’s multi-national team at Beijing Benz Automotive in south Beijing

At a new plant in the southern side of Beijing, two people from Germany, two from India, and one from Poland have helped get the factory up and running. Pawel Golonko from Poland, Anirban Seth and Jacob Aji from India, and Florian Marx and Sergiu-Daniel Popa from Germany are supporting Beijing Benz Automotive Co. (BBAC) set up the new engine plant.

Leadec China handed Quality Award by Beijing Benz

At their Supplier Day held at Hangzhou this July, Beijing Benz Automotive Co. handed Leadec Shanghai the 2018 Quality Award. BBAC and Leadec Industrial Services have been working together for the past 10 years, cooperating on different technical services in their plants. This includes the maintenance of production equipment in the engine plant, as well as technical cleaning and preventative maintenance of the welding, press and painting shops for BBAC.

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Leadec invited to speak at international business summit in Xuzhou, China

Leadec was invited to speak as a leader in the field of industrial services at an international business summit in China. The 2nd China Xuzhou International Service Outsourcing Conference was held on June 20 with Florian Gruss, Business Development at Leadec, one of those holding workshops at the summit. Held in Xuzhou, a city with a population of more than 3 million, the event saw over 400 people from businesses across the world attend. 

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Leadec at Ford Kentucky Truck gives back to the community

For the past two years, Leadec at Ford's Kentucky Truck Plant (KTP) has volunteered with Meals on Wheels of America. This humanitarian program helps solve the problems of elderly and handicapped people who are shut-ins and have extreme difficulty leaving the home to shop or find nutritious meals to survive. According to Meals on Wheels, ten million senior citizens face the threat of hunger.

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Leadec bees wanted

Bees play an important role in our ecosystem because they pollinate more than 80 percent of all flowering plants. However, the number of bees has been declining for years and they are highly endangered. That is why Leadec has taken action and started a cooperation with the organization Beefuture.

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Production Process Outsourcing (PPO): a strategic way to increase your competitive advantage

Leadec India Pvt. Ltd. is the leading ownership-driven KPI-based technical service provider for the manufacturing/automotive industry in India – on- and off- highway vehicles and auto ancillaries. Technical services include production equipment maintenance, project solutions, production support and reusable crating.

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Leadec @ KNIME Spring Summit 2018 with Predictive Maintenance

Leadec had the opportunity to present an exciting use case from the field of predictive maintenance that had been tested at our Mamming site to an international audience. Michael Wojtas, Senior Project Manager Maintenance Services from the Product Excellence Center Maintain at Leadec, gave a presentation on the topic “Smart Industry 4.0 – Industrial Automation Goes Machine Learning Automation” at the KNIME Spring Summit 2018 in Berlin.

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Integration projects at Leadec in Brazil

Last year Leadec Brazil assumed an important mission, to discard old uniforms in a sustainable way. That was when the idea of reuse came out by transforming them into community blankets. It was a huge joy when the piles of uniforms arrived. The team realized that this was the ideal moment to engage our people to think beyond their daily lives and to motivate each person to look at the others and the environment.

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The app of 1.000 rooms

Do you ever ask yourself, what our industrial services have to do with digitization? Is all this not a little bit cheered, while the real benefit remains unclear? For Leadec the answer is: if we think outside the box and across the disciplines, if product developers, users and IT people get together, then digital applications hold huge opportunities. Want an example? Here's one: The Room Control app.

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Leadec - a software developer?

How digital is an industry service provider? There is a lot of IT in production control, resource scheduling and plant design. In Chemnitz, for example, there are Leadec innovators who sell their software solutions as far away as Mexico.

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Leadec at INservFM 2018

At INservFM 2018 in Frankfurt, a trade fair for facility management and industrial services, Leadec presented the new service portfolio and current job opportunities.

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Winter service at Leadec Hungary

At 6 o'clock in the morning, the first shift of two facility service managers at Györ begins – preparing for another snowy and icy day. During the winter season, which may last in Hungary from October to April, the both of them and more than 60 colleagues are responsible for the winter service at the site Györ of a considerable automobile manufacturer.

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Good for the region: Leadec Chemnitz supports social and cultural projects

At Leadec we have a tradition of supporting social and cultural projects. At our Chemnitz site in particular, management and staff have always had a sympathetic ear for the concerns and needs of non-profit institutions.

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