Leadec Spotlights

Catch a glimpse of the head-turning multicolored Leadec Wimmelbus

As hoards of people entered the Intec trade fair in Leipzig last week, heads turned as they spotted this eye-catching van parked outside. Covered with detailed artwork interspersed with a number of QR codes with the names of various German cities, this is the Leadec Wimmelbus.


The Wimmelbus was at Intec from 5-8 February 2019, where Leadec presented its smart glasses software for long-distance preventative maintenance, but if you attend any job or trade fair in north east Germany over the next few months, you may spot this striking van driving about. If you are looking for work at one of the many recruiting events around Leipzig or Hannover, 

The Wimmelbus is at its core a recruiting tool. Leadec has been looking to hire skilled employees in a number of positions, such as electrical engineers and technicians, robotics programmers, mechanical engineers, and much more. So we teamed up with local artist Michael Luz in Stuttgart, where Leadec’s head office is located, to create the Wimmelbus. Each side of the bus is plastered with QR codes that, when scanned, bring you to the jobs page for each local site in north east Germany, from Bremen to Leipzig and more.

The illustrator finished sketching the new design in October last year and the artwork was finished being applied at the end of December. The Wimmelbus has started its tour of the north east in Leipzig and will also attend another job fair in Hannover on February 22-23. It will continue travelling from fair to fair, looking to alert job seekers to the opportunities available at Leadec until at least June 12-13 when it has another gig at a fair in Kassel.

If you are interested in a career at Leadec, visit leadec.jobs.