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Use of drones in Facility Management

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Drones in Facility Management


That’s why the product management department is permanently working on the expansion of our services by digital applications, that bring added value to our customers. One of the innovations are drones that are equipped with measuring and thermal imaging cameras and can be used in Facility Management.

By using the drones, roofs, facades or other difficult-to-reach places can be scanned within a few minutes. Buildings and sites cannot only be measured precisely, but the drone also provides information about the thermography of the building. The real-time images and videos in 4K (4,000-pixel resolution) can be displayed directly at a ground station or saved and analyzed subsequently.

Michael Hübner, technical expert and trained drone pilot says: "The use of drones has two major advantages: The inspections are more flexible and faster than a roof inspection. In addition, we can significantly increase work safety for our employees through a remote inspection".

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