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Leadec in Poland: big heart and strong muscles

Saving a child’s life by doing ten pushups? No problem for the Leadec team in Polkowice. They accepted the so-called Gaszyn challenge and collected valuable donations for a good cause.

Gaszyn challenge
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The challenge was initiated by the volunteer fire department in the village of Gaszyn. The aim is to collect donations for the one-and-a-half-year-old Wojtek Howis. Wojtek suffers from spinal muscular atrophy (SMA). His only hope is a therapy with the most expensive drug in the world. About 10 million Polish Zloty are needed, that is about 2.25 million euros.

Ten pushups for the good cause

The task is simple: Each participant in the Gaszyn challenge does ten pushups. Whoever manages to do them donates at least 5 Polish Zloty, whoever doesn’t manage to do them at least 10 Polish Zloty. 17 colleagues from Leadec Polkowice took up the challenge and successfully collected money for the therapy. The video of the challenge shows that everyone had a lot of fun.

They also challenged three other teams to participate, including the Leadec team in Poznan and Volkswagen Motor Polska, who now have 48 hours to exercise for the good cause as well. Leadec Polkowice had originally been nominated by Mercedes-Benz Manufacturing Poland.

Originally, the initiators of the Gaszyn challenge had set themselves the goal of collecting 6000 Polish Zloty. This expectation was exceeded by far: the entire sum necessary for Wojtek’s therapy has been collected. Due to the great success, money is now being collected for more children, so that they too can receive therapy.