Leadec Spotlights

Leadec UK drivers smash sustainability goals by reducing carbon footprint

The Leadec team in the UK have been doing their part for sustainability and the environment by significantly reducing our CO2 emissions in the past year. In doing so, we have been awarded Gold in the Masternaut Fleet CO2 Certification program.

Masternaut award

The vans used by our mobile technical services engineers in the UK are fitted with tracking devices from Masternaut, as are the vehicles used for our wheel and tire assembly and paint decontamination activities and our contract operations in Coventry.

You may not think of Leadec as having a lot of company vehicles. While we do not have a fleet of hundreds, it is still quite sizeable. The fleet mostly consists of commercial vehicles of varying size, HGVs, trailers and vans too. We made some substantial improvements, reducing our CO2 emissions by 5% in 2018 compared to 2017.

It is standard company practice to fit all vehicles with trackers as a security measure, because should they be stolen, they provide the exact location of the vehicle in real-time. But they provide many more benefits. They record data on movement, speed, idling, and more importantly emissions. And it is here that we made substantial improvements in 2018, primarily through very simple measures like reducing speed and time spent idling.

A big congratulations to all our drivers in the UK, but especially to the UK Procurement team’s Purchasing & Logistics Manager, Robin Ghose, who has worked tirelessly with Masternaut to bring this award to Leadec. Philip McClennon, Leadec UK CEO, said: “Well done Robin and operations teams! It’s really important that we at Leadec are pursuing and achieving the same environmental impact reduction targets as our customers.”

You can read more about the CO2 emissions and the Masternaut award on their page here.