Leadec Spotlights

Monsoons and mountains don’t stop Leadec in India

Disassembling plants and factories and then rebuilding them in a new location is the type of work Leadec has been hired for numerous times in the past. This contract though was a little different. The equipment had to be transported across 2,200 km of Indian highway right in the middle of monsoon season.

Leadec in India prepare for the journey

Leadec secured the contract with the large automotive company and started work in May 2018. The task was to dismantle the plant in Dharwad in the south of India, package everything up securely, then transport everything up to Pantnagar right up north, close to the border with Nepal and just before you reach the Himalayas. There Leadec would install and provide production support until October 2018. Sounds like a lot, but Leadec employees are professionals in this type of work and have the process down to a science.

However, this was a bigger challenge. 51 trucks had to travel across over 2,000 km of the frequently hilly Indian landscape, carrying approximately 400 tons of valuable equipment, including expensive robotics. It even felt like at times nature itself was testing the staff. “The arrival of the monsoon season did not make life easy for our drivers or our unloaders”, said Mr Sudhir Gurtoo, CEO of Leadec India.

Despite the challenging conditions, the roughly 50-person strong team were able to get it done. Mr Gurtoo said: “The existing line in Dharwad, along with 17 robots, were studied by our Leadec engineers before all the equipment was uninstalled. This ensured that once we reached Pantnagar, we were able to hand over the line and robots back to the customer in the exact same condition.”

By the end of October 2018, the production line was up and running at the new site and Leadec employees were able to step back and congratulate themselves on a job well done. Leadec has a vision to be the leading service provider for the factory of today and tomorrow, and even mountains and monsoons getting in our way won’t stop us from achieving that goal.