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Leadec Hungary expands regional presence

Just a few weeks ago, the Leadec team in Hungary started work at its new location in Maklár. Now the company has taken over the technical cleaning in a paint shop in Újhartyán as it continues expanding its regional presence in Central Hungary.

Leadec Hungary expands regional presence


In the newly built paint shop of a global polymer processor, bumpers, fenders and sills for two automotive manufacturers are painted by injection moulding. Leadec has been responsible for the technical cleaning of the systems since the start of the ramp-up phase, which began on September 1. In total, an average of 30 to 35 employees are working on the order.

Leadec carries out the technical cleaning at one of the customer's branches in the city of Györ since 2013. With the previous great service, the team was able to convince the customer that they had commissioned the same excellent service for the technical cleaning at the new location. "We had to guarantee that the same employees who had already been trained in Györ would carry out the implementation," says Marton Márhoffer, Division Manager, recalling the customer's requirements.

Leadec in Hungary has increased its number of locations to seven. In addition to the newly won contracts in Maklár and Újhartyán, the 700 employees also work in Győr, Kecskemét, Szombathely, Szentgotthárd and Miskolc.