Leadec Spotlights

Leadec becomes a patron of electrotechnical school program in Polkowice

Leadec and the Nations of Europe Vocational School in Polkowice are working together to open a new electrical technician class at their school. Przemysław Pendrowski, Member of the Board of Management in Poland, and Polkowice Branch Director Dariusz Kowalski signed the cooperation agreement on January 23, 2019 with the Nations of Europe Vocational School in Polkowice for the new program.

Developed together by Leadec with the Ministry of National Education, the new patronage class will have a focus on an electrical technician profile, including elements of automation, which consists of theoretical and practical training of 1500 hours per training cycle.
For students of the school it is not only an interesting education path, but also an opportunity to work in a company with an international reach. Starting September 2019 as many as fourteen students will begin their 4-years training program as Electrical Technicians in Polkowice Branch of Leadec.  During this time Leadec will provide practical training and didactic material for school. The company is also considering funding scholarship for the most talented students.

“I believe that this is a very important moment for our company. As part of our social responsibility we want to participate in the youth education process and enable practical learning of new technologies including industry 4.0. We want students to gain that experience in our company”, says Dariusz Kowalski, Polkowice Branch Director.
“It took a long time to develop a curriculum for this profession. We had to recognize the needs for employees in the market with its capacities and succeeded. Thanks to the collaboration of Leadec and the school we have implemented a brand new curriculum. It will be launched on the basis of electromechanics education on vocational school level” says Jolanta Rubiś-Kulczycka, Director of Polkowice School Complex.

Initiatives like these are supported by Polkowice County. “It's a good sign, and an opportunity for new workplace and school development. I am glad that this type of agreements are signed with leading companies on the market. These programs as well as adapting education to high industry also guarantee acquiring good skills and having a good start in the labor market to our graduates”, says Kamil Ciupak, city councilor for Polkowice.

The project is coordinated and monitored by Dominika Niewiedziała, HR Specialist at Polkowice Branch. Students will be trained by practical occupational learning instructors who have the appropriate qualifications and are experienced, long-time employees of Leadec Branch in Polkowice. After their 4 years training the students have the chance to become an employee of Leadec.