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Leadec at Ford Kentucky Truck gives back to the community

Meals on wheels

For the past two years, Leadec at Ford's Kentucky Truck Plant (KTP) has volunteered with Meals on Wheels of America. This humanitarian program helps solve the problems of elderly and handicapped people who are shut-ins and have extreme difficulty leaving the home to shop or find nutritious meals to survive. According to Meals on Wheels, ten million senior citizens face the threat of hunger.

Leadec participates in this program by delivering meals once a week to thirteen elderly senior citizens who struggle to leave their home in order to get food. Each week a member of Leadec management will drive into the downtown urban area of Louisville, Kentucky, where they will collect food and deliver to each home.

“It’s important that the core values we each possess encompass helping those who are less fortunate, both in our community and worldwide, because if we were in need we would want the same support and aid of others,” says Rodney Renfro, Complex Site Manager at Leadec.

He is one of six participants from Leadec who initially joined the "Meals on Wheels" program two years ago. However, the word spread and now there are about 30 total participants site-wide. All of them are members of management and have displayed willingness, heart and dedication to keep supporting this program each week for the past two years.

Meals on wheels

“We have a very strong team at KTP and colleagues who most certainly go the extra mile day in and day out. The "wMeals on Wheels" program is just one example,” Rodney explains. As a next step it is planned to start involving hourly employees and let the word spread amongst them just like it did with the salaried staff.

All participants are very committed to the program and also find it very rewarding. Rodney encourages everybody to get involved in programs of similar nature in their area: “It’s a great way to not only help the community but provides team building and strengthening of relationships within the organization.”