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Assembly and start-up of electrical systems

  • Wiring of control units for power transmission, ventialation technology and provision of motor output benches
  • Electrical and mechanical assembly work with machine installations and conversions
  • Electrical distribution system technology, construction: Nodal point distribution systems 1.000 - 2.000 A, other distributors 80, 120 and 400 A size; Lighting / power transmission distributors; Control and electric energy supply for cooling, heating and ventilations systems and safety lighting

Conveyor technology

  • Operation of material handling equipment
  • Maintenance of control systems
  • Maintenance of storage systems
  • Assembly line reconstruction
  • Fault clearance and on-call services (24/365)

Technical Cleaning

  • Conveyors
  • Paint shops
  • Body shop, welding robots and production lines
  • Dry ice cleaning
  • Assembly lines

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