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    How do we satisfy stringent requirements? With comprehensive services

Production Equipment Maintenance

Our qualified team of technicians and engineers continuously maintain, inspect and operate your utilities & production equipment 24 x 7 to make sure the equipment downtime is minimized at your production shops.

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Projects and Automation Solutions

Leadec helps you make the most of the potential in processes. Our strong project management and process automation solutions ensure trusted quality, cost and delivery objectives are met on time and in full.

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Production Support / Sub-Assembly

In the right place at the right time. Our services ensure that your production runs smoothly. Rely on our advice and professional performance.

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Supply Chain Solutions

Whether we are organizing your in-plant transport, running your spare parts warehouse or provide packaging solutions, our customized, economic service packages are guaranteed to reduce your workload and optimize your production. 

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Technical facility management

Create an optimum working environment. We take care of the operation and maintenance, inspection and repairs of your building services facilities or develop customized concepts for upgrading them. We rectify faults in a very short time and ensure the supply - from hot and cold water to compressed air and electricity - to your production halls.

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  • Consult: Plant audit for ascertaining AS IS status an prepare roadmap for TO BE (in line with business strategy)
  • Digitization: retro fitment for digital data generation
  • Data integration
  • Data transformation
  • Data analytics & reporting
  • Process optimization

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