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With the right combination of technical services, Leadec in Mexico makes sure that production processes in the plant runs smoothly. To find the best solutions for the expectations of our customers, we analyze our client's needs in a professional manner. For our services we rely on our professional staff.

Facility Services

With our faciliy services we create an ideal working environment for you. We consistently focus on high quality, safety and sustainibility.

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Facility Services

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Statement on COVID-19

"In this very special situation, the most important thing is to slow down the spread of the Coronavirus. We have acted early and will continue to act on preventively increasing safety and hygiene measures at our sites, having our employees work from home when they can, and proactively establishing Coordination Teams across the world to guardrail and facilitate all actions. Simultaneously, we also track and try to mitigate the economic impact at all our sites.

For our clients, we remain the reliable partners they have known for years, as customer proximity has always been in our DNA. Their factories and their people are at the core of our services. We will overcome this crisis together."

Leadec Board of Management

Leadec Mexico team bring presents to orphanage for children with HIV

Leadec Mexico team bring presents to orphanage for children with HIV

The incredible Leadec team in Mexico has provided their services for those who need it most. Not with engineering and cleaning but by bringing presents, cakes and playing games with children at an orphanage who have been diagnosed with HIV. Learn more