We love your factory

We take the load off you. As a result, you always have a competitive edge because you can focus entirely on your business. We create the perfect conditions for your production and for reliable, efficient and economical manufacturing processes.


We ensure reliable, efficient and successful economic production due to our systematic optimization, perfect coordination and smooth integration of all electrical elements.

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Electrical and Mechanical Installation

We assemble, install and wire entire manufacturing facilities, individual production units and safety-related elements.

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We relocate complete manufacturing lines and individual production units - on schedule, safely and through to successful an accepted inspection process

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Production Equipment Maintenance

We plan, realize and organize customized maintenance concepts for technical and administrative processes.

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Technical Cleaning

We implement custom-fit cleaning concepts for your production. Using special equipment and methods, we clean even hard-to-reach parts not only reliably and efficiently, but also in a environment-friendly manner.

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Technical Facility Management

We take care of operation, maintenance, inspection and repair of your building services systems or develop tailor-made concepts for modernization. Also we rectify faults in the shortest possible time.

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Infrastructural Facility Management

We ensure optimal cleaning and maintenance of the entire infrastructure around your production. We develop individual flow charts and work according to strict quality criteria. Digital tools are used to document our services and to regularly check our targets.

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We handle all logistical tasks inside and outside your production buildings professionally and reliably. We organize and optimize internal processes and create the best possible conditions for your production.

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