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    What's your guarantee that everything will run as it should? Our Supply Chain Services

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Supply Chain Services

Whether we are organizing your in-plant transport, running your spare parts warehouse or carrying out assembly works on your behalf, our customized, economic service packages are guaranteed to reduce your workload and optimize your production. 

Rims and tires

  • Fitting rims and tires
  • Component management
  • Inventory management
  • In-line sequenced delivery
  • Supplier management
  • Inspection
  • Qualitiy control

Added-value assemblies

  • Door assembly
  • Exhaust pipe assembly
  • Chassis parts, rear axles, front corners and bumpers

Fleet services

  • Vehicle protection service/ finishing wax application
  • Vehicle servicing
  • Vehicle transporting

Concentrate on your production processes, while the Leadec specialists work in the background to handle the rest.

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