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    What gives you the manufacturing edge? Our Production Services

Production Services


Leadec has a reputation in the industry as an innovative expert in the area of maintenance. We provide top quality services, from inspection and maintenance to overhauls, and strive to continually improve our services.

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Technical Cleaning

Leadec provides a wide range of professional, highly-specialized services in the area of industrial, technical and standard cleaning in the general sense, as well as infrastructural support services and clearance and tidying services.

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Manufacturing Support

Leadec handles certain task for its clients so they can concentrate fully on their core activities. Not only do we support running processes, we also make it possible to design assembly appropriately when the placement of equipment is being planned with a view to later maintenance.

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Machine Relocation

There is even more we can do to support our customers in the best possible way. Our range of services is completed by services in the field of machine relocation.

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Mechanical Engineering

We help our customers to fully exploit the potential of their processes. Since 2002 Leadec devises automation solutions for special production purposes. We build machines in highest standards to secure efficient and reliable work and to fulfil demanding requirements of our customers.

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Who keeps your production going? We do at Leadec.

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