• Maintenance


We provide top quality services, from inspection and maintenance to overhauls, and strive to continually improve our services. For maintenance management we use our own tools and IT systems, as well as the client's systems, which are oriented directly towards problem-solving.

The main areas of our activities are:

  • comprehensive maintenance concepts
  • maintaining production machines and equipment
  • infrastructural maintenance
  • total preventive maintenance (TPM)
  • service support for measuring equipment and industrial electronics.

Our services include comprehensive technical servicing of machines and entire production lines. This involves periodically gathering and analyzing date on the functioning of production lines and disruptions occurring during the operation of the facilities under our supervision and then planning and carrying out periodic reviews and maintenance.

The result is:

  • an improvement of the efficiency of production equipment throughout the company
  • optimization of the client's costs, including direct maintenance costs
  • a reduction in equipment downtime
  • continual increases in the level of client satisfaction.

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