• Technical Cleaning

Technical Cleaning

Because we serve numerous sectors of the economy, we are able to support any process of the client, ensuring that it is properly and individually selected at the minimum cost for the client within the framework of the top quality services that we offer.

Thanks to our many years of experience, including cooperation with leading companies in various production and services industries, we are able to perform many different kinds of tasks depending on your needs as our client, some basic examples of which we present below. 


  • Process and technological cleaning with optimal and individual selection of technology
    Supervision of the process and planning of standard and seasonal cleaning work on the basis of the client's individual needs; tailoring the scope of cleaning work to suit the production system (designing cleaning procedures); selecting a cleaning process for production, welding shops, paint shops, assembly, warehouses, heavy industry, the food industry, shopping centers, sports halls, hotels, schools, offices, hospitals and many others.

  • Cleaning paint shops and painting lines and processes
    Cleaning metal and plastic paint shops of water, solvent and powder paints - both paint booths and the entire production system; comprehensive cleaning of paint and painting lines, including inspecting and servicing the drive system and filter management; analysis of paint shop contaminants, deep cleaning, technological consulting with the selection of cleaning agents and process protection.

  • Securing paint shops and lines
    Securing the internal process of paint booths and paint shops with substances and materials based on nanotechnology; fluid film, washable and removable wall and floor insulators and dust-binding fluids and gels; individual selection of technology for specific needs of paint shops; providing technical and technological advice; optimization of cleaning processes.

  • Cleaning dismantlable internal circulation ventilation systems (filtration area and heat exchangers)
    Internal cleaning of air channels and filtration areas, including replacing filters and cleaning heat exchange systems, coolers, condensers and heaters; cleaning of ventilation channels, heat exchangers, air ducts, fans and Venturi systems.

  • Cleaning with dry ice
    Cryogenic cleaning of electric installations and devices, mechanical devices, control cabinets, electronics equipment and sub-assemblies, injection moulds, welding stations and sealing lines.

  • Ultrasonic cleaning
    Cleaning of electronics and control modules (disks, controllers, sub-assemblies, modulators etc); cleaning of control cabinet elements.

  • Servicing of infrastructure and external areas
    This includes comprehensive, professional care of green areas and clearing snow from roads, streets, squares, car parks and pavements.

  • Other services, depending on the client's individual needs and wishes.


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