• Machine Relocations

Logistics and warehousing

We provide experienced direction and professional handling of active warehouse inventory management, through:

  • Ordering and tracking delivery status

  • Handling the flow of materials:
    - warehouse acceptance
    - compliance inspection
    - preparing internal deliveries
    - delivery to the production line

  • Monitoring of warehouse inventories:
    - reduction of the time needed to fulfill orders
    - optimization of quantities ordered
    - optimization of order frequency
    - elimination of redundant warehouse items

  • Inventorization:
    - ongoing
    - periodic (according to the client's needs)
    - annual (in accordance with current legislation)

Through our services we offer our clients:

  • Improved efficiency and therefore better warehouse turnover rates
  • Handling of the process of external repairs of their machines and equipment, according to their instructions
  • Any additional logistics services requested by them

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