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    What gives you the manufacturing edge? Our Production Services

Mitarbeiter am Roboter

Production Services

Our industrial service specialists reduce the workload associated with your production processes. Consistently high quality and customized concepts support your process flows.


  • Robot programming
  • SPS programming
  • Accompanying hardware and software for the production facility
  • Automation of manual manufacturing and assembly workplaces



  • Production Maintenance (online / offline)
  • Maintenance of conveyor systems
  • Comprehensive maintenance of machinery and assembly equipment
  • Installation of technological distribution


Electrical Technology

  • Electrical installations
  • Production and installation of switchboards
  • Wiring and recovery equipment



  • Installation of new machines, disassembly, re-assembly of older machines
  • Relocation
  • Modernization of production lines
  • Service measurement equipment and power tools
  • Management of spare parts and tools


Technical Cleaning

  • Cleaning paint shops
  • Cleaning machines and production plants
  • Deep cleaning
  • Dry ice cleaning
  • Ultrasonic cleaning
  • High pressure water cleaning

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