Pushing forward with 20:20 vision

Collaboration and sharing ideas and solutions are at the top of our strategic agenda as European borders and boundaries change.

Lee Price and Andy Candelent Stuttgart visit

Lee Price (Commercial Director) and Andy Candelent (Head of FM) visited our headquarters in Stuttgart to undertake several internal workshops aiming to give greater clarity to commercial models, costing solutions and measurable benchmarks across key service lines for the group.

Understanding how we approach this in different regions provides us with an alternative cost framework to differentiate Leadec during times where cost control and the drive for innovation is key.

Cross border customers are increasing, and our ability to leverage group capability will continue to provide the platform for growth. Embracing Smart factories and digitisation were also on the agenda for the three-day workshop, so that together with the commercial discussions we can approach the next five years with 20:20 vision.

Special thanks to Stephan Hihn and the Product Development team for hosting us.