Matthew Fitzgerald - Apprentice Service Technician

'When I visited Leadec I met other apprentices that told me how much Leadec had helped them to learn and gain the best experience they could'

  1. What was your background before joining Leadec?
    Before joining Leadec I was at a Sixth Form College in Solihull doing my A Level exams. I had hoped to be an Engineer, but I wasn't sure what type at that point. When I was younger I would always make things out of Mechano like cars and helicopters and fix my bike on my own instead of asking my dad. When I was older I thought why not make a career in it. Therefore I chose Engineering so I could make things, fix things and get stuck into something I love.

  2. What attracted you to an Apprenticeship with Leadec?
    After doing some research I found that Leadec had so many roads that I could choose from, so I would be able to find something that suited me as an Engineer. When I visited Leadec I met other apprentices that told me how much Leadec had helped them to learn and obtain the experience they could.

    Everyone I met on site were great to talk to and I listened to all their experiences from working at Leadec and how many of the people I spoke to went through apprenticeships just like me; this showed me how much I could learn from the Company. I accepted Leadec offer so I could gain experience from all those people.

  3. What were your best subjects at school/which ones did you enjoy the most, why?
    My best subjects at school were Maths and ICT, as I was able to get on with whatever I needed to do without much aid, I suppose it helped that my dad was a Maths teacher when he was younger and then working as Software support, computers and maths were introduced to me early in my life.

    The subjects that I enjoyed the most at school were Sciences and PE. Science lessons always interested me as I could learn why the world does what it does. PE was great as I have always been an active person, be it playing football for a team or playing cricket for school.

  4. What are your hobbies and interests?
    I play a lot of sports like football and cricket in which I was in a football team for 8 years, and I played cricket for my school team. I have been involved in Scouts since I was six years old and have just finished the oldest group which is Explorers, so I am becoming a Scout Leader now so I can give back what I have learnt from scouts to a younger generation. I play a lot of video games with my friends in my spare time which gives me a chance to catch up with friends who have gone to University.

  5. What skills have you gained from these hobbies and interests that are beneficial to your apprenticeship?
    A big skill I have learnt from my hobbies is ‘teamwork’. Playing team sports like football and cricket we have to play as a team to overcome our opponents, at Scouts during expeditions we have to look after each other when the going gets tough so we can all remain in high spirits. In gaming teamwork can help you clear objectives and solve problems quicker to win the game. This skill helps during my apprenticeship, as part of the Maintenance Team we can help each other to get jobs done quickly and efficiently to keep production to a maximum.
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