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What are apprenticeships?

An apprenticeship is a programme designed by employers to provide eager applicants with the skills and qualifications needed to drive their business forwards. They are a combination of both formal learning at a college setting, and on the job training and experience.

These work based training programmes help employers, like Leadec, train people for specific job roles. At the same time, individuals obtain a paying job with valuable training whilst they work towards a nationally recognised qualification.

All of our apprentices are employed by the Company on an Apprentice Contract of Employment, which provides you with the same employment rights as our other employees. As a member of our Company you will be expected to conduct yourself in a professional manner, adhering to our policies and procedures.

Why choose an apprenticeship? Who are they for?

In the past, apprenticeships were not widely spoken of; in fact they were considered a lesser route to a career. NOT ANYMORE! As an employer, Leadec recognises the importance of Apprentices within the workplace, allowing us to grow our own, well trained talent for the future. Here are seven reasons why you might want to consider applying for an Apprenticeship with us:

1. Earn whilst you learn – our Apprentices are paid a competitive salary whilst they learn.

2. Obtain industry-recognised qualifications – alongside comprehensive training, you will also gain an NVQ Level 3 work-based qualification, Functional Skills and knowledge-based BTEC certificate. In some cases there is also the opportunity to further your study by undertaking a degree.

3. Learn subject specific skills and broaden your skill set – your apprenticeship with Leadec will be tailored around your interests, ensuring that you obtain the necessary skills for your future roles with us.

4. Develop in a growing company – as a successful global company, Leadec offer excellent career opportunities for people with the ability and drive. We offer challenging and rewarding roles across multi disciplines, and opportunities to develop professional, technical and leadership career paths.

5. Receive world class training – your apprenticeship has been designed with the needs of the Company in mind; it will offer a structured programme that coaches you through the skills you need to be successful. During your apprenticeship you will be trained externally at a specialist training organisation, and whilst on the job you will learn from highly experienced Engineers and professionals. You will be set targets to ensure that you are well supported and that you are progressing at an appropriate speed. All the modules you will study will provide you with the essential knowledge needed for your future career with us.

6. Guidance and support – during your apprenticeship, we will always ensure that you receive the support and guidance you need. As an employer, it is our responsibility to ensure that your training gives you the skills needed for your role, and satisfies national standards.

7. Opportunity for onward employment – as a Company, we recognise the need for apprentices, and aim, during the course of your apprenticeship to invest in you for the future. To ensure that this feasible for the Company, we hope to offer you a permanent position, though this will depend entirely on your performance and commitment to us and the programme of study.

Who can apply for an apprenticeship?

Anyone living in England aged 16 years old and above, whether employed, unemployed or leaving school can apply for an apprenticeship. There is no upper age limit.

As an employer we are committed to a policy of equal opportunities for all – our recruitment is not restrictive in terms of gender, age, ethnicity, disability or religious beliefs.

In terms of qualifications, we required at least three GCSE’s (or equivalent), grades A, B & C to include Maths (minimum B grade), a Science subject and any other subjects (technical) or equivalent grades considered. A copy of your certificates will be required as part of the application process.

Our apprenticeship programme is suitable for individuals who have used their initiative to fully research the career area in which they want to work. As a student on an Apprenticeship you need to be realistic about the amount of work you may have to do and you should be prepared for further study.

How do I apply for an apprenticeship?

Step 1

  Find our apprenticeship advertisement on the EEF website using the following link: Vacancies for our scheme are advertised from January to April every year, for a start date in September.

Step 2

  Application Submission
You will be required to complete your application through the EEF online portal.
EEF recommends spending approximately 1 – 3 hours putting together your application and curriculum vitae.

Step 3

  Application Review
Upon submission, EEF will review your application. Realistically, it should take between 1 – 4 weeks to hear back from EEF regarding your application.

Step 4

  Online Assessments
As part of your application, you will be invited to undertake an online assessment.
Further details will be provided by EEF with the invitation.

Step 5

  Assessment Day
Congratulations if you have progressed to this stage - you will now be invited to attend an assessment day. During the day you will participate in a group exercise, as well as a formal interview.

Step 6

  Offer of Employment
Following the Assessment Day an offer of employment will be made to the successful candidates by the HR Department. Individuals will be expected to commence their employment with the Company in September of the recruitment year.

Recruitment for our Engineering Apprenticeship scheme is led by our training provider, EEF the Manufacturers’ Organisation.

For further information on the recruitment process, please contact EEF:

Telephone: 0121 331 3930


EEF Technology Training Centre
Unit 3 Nexus Point
Gavin Way
B6 7AF

How is the funding paid? Will I be responsible?

You will not be responsible for the cost of your training, as an Apprentice Leadec will pay you a salary whilst you study. Depending on your age, the National Apprentice Service and/or the Company will pay for your training, funding is available for both new and existing staff and is determined as follows:

Age   NAS Contribution
16 - 18:
19 - 24: 

Contribution for specific places

Do I have to be in full time employment to undertake an apprenticeship?

Apprentices are expected to be in full-time employment for 37.5 hours per week whilst undertaking their apprenticeship with Leadec. Although you will be learning, you will also be treated as an employee and employed on an Apprentice Contract of Employment with the Company.

How long will my apprenticeship last?

During your apprenticeship with Leadec you will study towards a Level 3 NVQ: Extended Diploma in Engineering Maintenance. Your apprenticeship will last for a period of four years so as to ensure that you obtain the desired skills and experience to undertake your desired role on completion.

Who will provide my training and where will I be based?

Your training with Leadec will be undertaken in conjunction with our provider, EEF the Manufacture’s Organisation. For apprentices based in the Midlands, you will be expected to attend an EEF facility in Birmingham full time during your first day. Following your successful progression, you will return to the Company, with day release to again attend the facility during your second, third and fourth years so as to continue with your studies.

With regards to our apprentices based in the North West, you will attend North West Training Council based in Bootle, Liverpool. Again, you will be based at the facility full time in your first year, with day release from the company during your second, third and fourth years.

Before, or upon your application for a position on our apprenticeship programme, we recommend that you make contact with our training provider to arrange a tour of the appropriate facility. This will allow you an insight into the training provided, and whether an apprenticeship is right for you.

EEF, the Manufacture’s Organisation
3 Nexus Point,
Gavin Way
B6 7AF
United Kingdom
Telephone: 0121 331 3930

North West Training Council
Dunnings Bridge Road,
L30 6XT
United Kingdom
Telephone: 0151 523 0808

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