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What is an internship? How long do they last?

An internship is a period of work experience with an organisation which provides students and graduates with exposure to the working environment; often this is within a specific industry which relates to your field of study so as to gain relevant skills and experience.

As an employer, we frequently use these placements to assess a student’s or graduate’s capabilities, and we do recruit interns for permanent positions within the Company rather than advertise vacancies externally to the wider market.

An internship with Leadec can last for any length of time between one and 12 months. It is important that your application details what area of the business you are looking to work within, and for what length of time.

Why should I undertake an internship?

Throughout an internship, candidates develop a variety of soft skills which include: communication skills, personal effectiveness, presentation skills, creative problem solving and influencing skills. This method of work experience allows individuals an opportunity to speak directly to people who have experience in the role which they aspire to, providing a greater understanding as to the role and what qualifications and experience are required to fulfil this. An internship provides individuals with a real insight into the world of work, allowing you to build on the theory that you have learned, gaining practical experience that will ultimately strengthen your CV and so make you more employable.

Here are four quick reasons why you might want to consider applying for an internship with us:

  1. Develop in a growing company – as a successful global company, Leadec offer excellent career opportunities for people with the ability and drive. We offer challenging and rewarding roles across multi disciplines, and opportunities to develop professional, technical and leadership career paths.
  2. Learn subject specific skills and broaden your skill set – your internship with Leadec will be tailored around your skills, ensuring that you obtain meaningful exposed in an area that benefits you.
  3. Guidance and support – during your internship, we will always ensure that you receive the support and guidance you need.
  4. Improve your understanding of a particular role – our structured internship programme will allow you to improve your understanding of a particular job as well as our industry, by working alongside highly experience professionals.

Who can apply for an internship? How do I apply?

Our internship programme is open to both students and graduates.

As a Company we recruit our interns in the same way as all our other employees; this is because we recognise the importance of internship programmes in the development of individuals, and so wish to provide our applicants with experience in the processes and demands that job applications require.

Step 1

  Application Submission
Your application should include a current copy of your Curriculum Vitae and a covering letter. You can send these documents across to us directly at:            

Step 2

  Application Review
Upon submission your application will be reviewed. Realistically, it should take between 1 – 2 weeks to hear back from us.

Step 3

  Interview Stage
As part of the application process you will be invited attend a face-to-face interview.
A formal invitation will be sent to your contact address as provided.

Step 4

Following your formal interview at our offices, you will be invited to undertake assessments.
Further details will be provided within your formal letter of invitation.

Step 5

  Offer of Placement
Following your interview and the completion of any set assessment an offer of placement will be made to successful candidates by the HR Department. Realistically, it should take between 1 – 2 weeks to hear back from us.


What happens once I have been offered a placement?

Following our offer of a placement by a member of the Human Resources department, you will receive a personal ‘Internship Agreement’ and new starter pack to complete and return. Your ‘Internship Agreement’ must be read carefully, as it will detail our commitment and responsibilities as an employer, as well as your responsibilities within your role as an intern.

In order to ensure that your transition into the workplace is both smooth and enjoyable, you will receive a comprehensive induction into the Company during your first week with us. We acknowledge that as an intern you may find joining a large global business intimidating, as a consequence we will take the time to introduce you to members of our staff, our history, products, services and the values of our organisation. We hope that this approach will allow you to integrate into the team and ‘hit the ground running’.

Will I receive feedback during and after my placement?

As part of our commitment to our internship programme, we ensure that every intern is allocated a dedicated member of our staff who will offer support and supervise, providing regular feedback and performance reviews throughout the period of the placement.

As your internship draws to a close your supervisor will arrange a final review meeting/exit interview with the purpose of evaluating the success of the placement. During this meeting you will be given an opportunity to provide feedback about the Company and your experiences on our internship programme. Finally, a letter of reference will be provided to demonstrate to a future employer what skills have been developed, what work has been undertaken and what has been achieved.

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