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Nicole Abele - HR Internship

'Due to global networking it is more and more a focus of universities to encourage students to go abroad for a while and improve their English skills. After finishing my basic studies and gaining first practical experiences during internships in Germany, I was given the opportunity to join the HR department in the Head Office, based in Warwick for four months.'

Nicole Abele - A HR Intern Perspective…

My main task was to support the team with the implementation of HROne. This was a requirement from Germany to set up database of all employee information in a specific format and to regularly update this. I also designed the new starter form, change form and termination forms that the management teams currently use on site.

In order to implement HROne, I spent some days at different sites within Leadec which was very interesting as I met different people and started to understand the HR challenges of what it means to have so many employees working across different sites.

I visited a lot of the companies sites and I am still impressed by the painting robots which I saw for the first time! I also joined a project group from Germany at Coventry Wheel and Tyre for two days and got an even greater understanding of Leadec operations.

For me, the main challenge was to communicate in English only, especially when using the phone but after time, I found it easier. It helped that everyone was quite open and supportive, which is what I liked most. Also, I liked the fact that I was very busy and had continuous tasks to do, which included writing letters, insights into the Company disciplinary and grievance procedures, and also being involved in the recruitment process, all of which is different to what I knew from Germany.

I am now currently writing my bachelors thesis and I am hoping to have it finished in 2016. Also, I am currently working as a Junior-HR Business Partner for the HR department of Voith Turbo in Crailsheim, Germany.

When I started in January 2015, I did not know what it would be like to work in the HR Department in Warwick, however looking back now from a professional and personal point of view, I gained a great deal of experience.

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