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Soft FM service streams

One-size does not always fit all. We will quote against your exact requirements, but we will also review the existing scope to determine its suitability to your current and long-term business goals. Our objective, however, remains the same; to raise the standards of outsourced service delivery.

We aim to bring improvement to the services your site (or sites) receives. The planning and delivery of Soft FM service streams takes place in close collaboration with our clients. The end result is a unique, site based, results oriented service from which the best possible conditions can be created for the site’s users and your end-product.

Soft FM service streams can be summarised into the following areas:

  • Janitorial & Industrial Cleaning
  • Front of House
  • Back of House
  • Security, including Manned Guarding, Mobile & Key Holding Services
  • Waste Management, including general, recyclable and hazardous
  • Managed Services, including Pest Control, Washroom Services, etc.


Greater efficiencies are achieved when soft FM services are combined with hard FM services, which creates a delivery model known as Total Facilities Management (TFM).

Each service is meticulously planned to create the best possible working conditions; you determine the need and we will meet, if not exceed it.

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