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Make Ready Services

Our objective is to raise the standards of cleanliness aboard buses and trains with a sustainable service that has a positive impact on the customer’s journey and satisfaction levels. By applying processes and procedures from janitorial contracts within the automotive industry, these services have evolved to bring both efficiency and accountability to our prestigious customer base in both the bus and rail industries.

Make Ready Services can be summarised into the following areas:

  • Interior & Exterior Cleaning programmes, following daily, monthly and annual routines
  • Premises Cleaning, including Offices, Meeting Rooms, Amenities and industrial areas
  • Ancillary Support Services, from Fuelling, Fluid Top-ups, Parking and Allocating services at bus depots to In-transit and Turnaround Cleaning for rail services.

Critical to the success of Make Ready Services is strong management and supervision, robust processes and techniques and a focus on health and safety and quality audits, which ensures that each contract reaches and exceeds the specific KPIs agreed prior to contract start.

Regular review meetings take place between key stakeholders to discuss KPI results and the operational implementation of the service. This promotes clarity and accountability between customer and supplier, and gives our customers the transparency they want and the partnership they need.

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