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Paint Shop and Surface Treatment Services

Within such a crucial part of the manufacturing or refurb process, any provision of services requires an experienced and knowledgeable provider who understands and possesses the necessary expertise to deliver a safe and cost-effective solution.

The quality of the paint finish on any vehicle is a key influencer to its appeal and durability. Through the application of a measured, controlled and continuously improved programme of works, the Paint Shop can operate at optimum levels and achieve benchmark results.

Paint Shop and Surface Treatment Services can be summarised into the following areas:

  • Paint Shop Cleaning, including Spray Booths, Paint Ovens, Spray Nozzles, ESTA Paint Machines, Filter changes, Floors, Toilets, Facilities, etc.
  • Surface Treatment of Grids, Jigs and Fixtures using Pyrolysis, High-pressure Water Blasting and Chemical Stripping; Metal Processing, including Stillage Fabrication


Using the knowledge and expertise collected and refined over many years by highly experienced professionals, we are driven to achieving benchmark paint services in terms of safety, effectiveness and reliability - we receive encouraging feedback.

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