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    What keeps your processes running? Our Production Services

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Production Services

A rapidly growing division within Leadec’s core services, our Production Services focus mainly on project-based business. Our industrial service specialists reduce the workload associated with your production processes. Consistently high quality and customized concepts optimize your process flows and keep downtimes to a minimum, enabling you to benefit from higher productivity and efficiency.

Mechanical and Electrical Support

  • Electrical Contracting and Installation
  • General Electrical Inspection and Maintenance
  • Controls Engineering Support
  • Panel Fabrication

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  • Conveyor Design and Installation
  • Structural Steel Design and Erection
  • General Mechanical Maintenance and Fabrication

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Equipment and Plant Relocation

With over 30 years of experience, this group provides complete equipment relocation services including:

  • Electrical & mechanical de-installation
  • Transport (including out of country)
  • Equipment placement & alignment
  • Electrical & controls re-installation

With equipment ranging from 15,000 pound fork trucks to 10 ton airbags and overhead cranes, Leadec is able to handle line moves of all sizes.

Equipment Installation

Whether we are contracted directly or acting as a sub-contractor for a system integrator, Leadec can handle equipment installations of all sizes.

  • Heavy equipment rigging
  • Uncrating
  • Machine & robot placement
  • Precision alignment & leveling
  • Pipe & wire

Paint Shop Optimization

With some of the world’s leading experts on staff, Leadec can install new equipment, diagnose and refurbish current equipment and address all aspects of air handling and general cleaning in order to optimize a paint booth.  Common projects include:

  • Spray Booth/Oven Balancing
  • Burner Testing
  • Air House Performance Testing
  • Robot Installations
  • Conveyor Installations

Safety Projects

We take plant safety very seriously at Leadec. Whether a plant needs some small tweaks to their safety protocols or a major overhaul to their facility, we can be their partner to ensure that their plant environment is as safe as possible. Common projects include:

  • Long Sweep Roller Assemblies
  • Roller Assemblies with Bollards
  • Column Roller Assemblies
  • Bollard Rails
  • Downspout & Storm Drain Guards
  • Tire Bollards

Production Equipment Maintenance

We provide comprehensive services for production facilities. Our customized concepts enable us to minimize downtime and to optimize maintenance processes.

Our areas of expertise:

  • Machine tools / machining hubs and periphery
  • Foundry
  • Injection molding machines
  • Process plants / paint shops
  • Materials handling equipment
  • Robots / automation
  • Power screwdrivers / handling tools
  • Tool management

What gives you the manufacturing edge? Our Production Services

Mitarbeiter Leadec

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