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Since 2017 Voith Industrial Services has been known as Leadec. Our mission is to provide leading-edge services to manufacturing companies. Find out what employees think about the Leadec brand. 

"Recognizing Employee’s strength for the betterment of company and individual is best part of Leadec. Its professional approach helps in fulfilling the commitment to achieve goals of customer in time."

Latshumanan Sankaran

"New brand itself is narrating our mission and vision of company “leader in technology”. We adhere to our commitment that makes us a reliable business partner. I feel delighted that I am part of brand formation".

Ravindra Patil

"Most special thing about Leadec is due priority given to safety; there is continuous motivation on Kaizen and employees given with required training. Strongly agree to Leadec being “leading industrial service provider”."

Dnyaneshwar Bhamare

"The fact that what we commit, we make it real makes me proud of my company."

Jaganatha John Bosco

"Best thing about Leadec is in its name itself because of which we are globally trusted brand based upon our latest technology equiped with transparency, result oriented with framed time schedule and dedicated teams. Proud to be part of Leadec."

Jaspal Mohammad

"“Ownership basis contracts” is the most special thing about Leadec. We think deeply before committing and once committed we work hard and smart for delivering it which makes us leaders in technology."

Venkatesh Joshi

"Leadec’s name and profile is determined to provide our customer good quality on time. Leadec gives me confidence in enhancing growth and being responsible for good work."

Senthil Kumar

"For me the brand is committed to its employees and customers, with a reliable team and leading its team going to help its customers. Personally, I like this new name as it truly reflects its value of leadership."

Rupendra Singh

"Leadec as employer do invest in people to develop their skills which in turn help them find innovative solutions to our Customers’ challenges consistently. Top priority by Leadec to safety makes me believe in it."

S Palani Krishnan

"Working culture, quality maintenance job and perfect documentation makes us a reliable brand. Leadec is taking care that all employees are professionally trained to meet the customer requirement."

Prem Singh

"Leadec has made us efficient in the behavior and productive in performance which helps for growth of organization. I find Leadec as most eminent and reputed brand in industrial services."

Pramod Bhalerao

"New brand is not merely combination of words leadership and technology but it’s a reality and our customers are proof of its existence on the ground. I admire being part of brand creation."

Manju Kirtani

Leadec Video "How we work"

How we work

We listen, take responsibility, are open to new ideas and always want to improve. Our employees are multi-talented, troubleshooters and go-getters. We take pride in impressing our customers with these traits.

Want to learn more? Ask us.

Please send us a message: info-india@leadec-services.com. We would be happy to hear from you.