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A to Z from a single source

We are at home in the factories of this world. Our customers know that and have been placing their trust in our services for 60 years now. The engineers at Leadec plan new facilities, while the software specialists are responsible for developing powerful production IT and automation solutions. Our skilled workers assemble, install, and design the successful commissioning. Once the factory is up, we keep it running. Inside and outside. Our experts take care of the maintenance of the facilities and the infrastructure in production and buildings and support all peripheral processes that make up a manufacturing facility.  

We know from experience that each phase requires different competences. To make sure our customers can concentrate on their core business, we offer a wide range of services – all from a single source and, of course, your own individual solution. 

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  • Two people sit in front of a computer and work on a CAD model.
    Production Planning and Optimization

    Factory planning and factory optimization are two factors that determine the success of a production facility. For this reason, Leadec accompanies its customers along the entire process: from planning to successful commissioning, ramp-up support, and quality management.

  • Automation

    Digitalization and automation characterize modern smart factories. As a pioneer, Leadec is breaking new ground here, developing and realizing appropriate solutions to make manufacturing fit for Industry 4.0.

  • Production IT

    Intelligent production control makes all the difference and transforms contemporary production facilities into future-ready smart factories. Leadec also relies on in-house software solutions for this.

  • A Leadec employee installing a switchgear in a technical room.
    Electrical and Mechanical Installation

    Without electrical and mechanical components, nothing works in a factory. Leadec assembles, installs, and wires entire production facilities, individual production units, and safety-relevant elements. We also realize steel or metal construction projects from planning to manufacturing to the finished installation.

  • Two Leadec employees troubleshooting the conveyor system in an automotive factory.

    The relocation of production units or entire production facilities is one of the most challenging areas of factory organization. For that reason, for machine relocation, Leadec draws on its entire range of planning, logistics, and human resources services to ensure that every relocation project is a thorough success.

  • Two Leadec employees with check list and tablet at ventilation system on a factory roof.
    Integrated Facility Management

    Leadec works by forming tailored maintenance concepts that manage technical and administrative processes equally. This views production as a holistic end-to-end process, where the risk of failure must be minimized, and the whole lifecycle of the facilities must be simultaneously maximized.

  • Two Leadec employees checking the control panel at an automatic station.
    Production Equipment Maintenance

    A production facility has to run smoothly to be good. With its technical services, Leadec takes care of servicing, inspection, and preventive maintenance of entire production facilities.

  • Leadec employee cleaning floor in a paint shop.
    Technical Cleaning

    Dirt and technical facilities are not compatible. Leadec has been cleaning industrial facilities for 60 years now – especially paint lines. That’s why we know exactly what care today’s machines and systems need. Because experience pays off.

  • Leadec employee working on the ventilation system of a factory.
    Technical Facility Management

    An ideal production environment includes modern buildings and technical facilities. To ensure that they function reliably, Leadec takes care of their professional operation, maintenance, inspection and repair in a responsible manner.

  • Leadec employee installing media supply on the ceiling of a factory.
    Infrastructural Facility Management

    Production is the heart of a company, but the buildings are its face. Not only for customers and partners but also for employees. And because cleanliness plays a central role here, Leadec handles the cleaning and maintenance of the complete infrastructure.

  • A Leadec employee driving a forklift with small load carriers through a warehouse.

    When everything is flowing smoothly in logistics, then production also works properly. That’s why Leadec organizes and optimizes the processes between procurement and distribution – from storage to transport, spare parts management and disposal. We take care of all logistics tasks inside and outside your production buildings professionally and reliably.

Digital services on site

Virtual reality, automated guided vehicles, or monitoring in real-time are some of the digital services that we provide; we continuously explore the development of new technologies to make them applicable for our daily service processes. Experience Leadec's range of products and services for the smart factory in our online platform "Digital Factory Experience".

Virtual insight into the digitized factory